Armoured Trucks Help Military in Counter Terrorism

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Today, the world is not any more a safe place. There has been a huge rise in notorious activities. The easy accessibility to deadly weapons has increased terror attacks as well as the risk of attack from the well-armed criminals. From top officials to important venues always remain the soft targets of terror attack. Thus, the security of the top officials and important places remains a capital importance.  armoured car

Often due to these various kinds of threats, the law and order of a place gets disturbed. Thus, in order to ensure peace and for combating any kind of threats, Armoured truck can be of great help.


Protecting People since Time Immemorial

If you take a look into the past, you will see that the transition of Armoured cars from battlefield to the civilian world took place in 1930. Since, time immemorial Armoured car has been used for protecting the lives of important officials from any kind of threats. For example, it was used for protecting Pope Pius XI. Now, it also does the same. Most importantly, it helps military officials in the counter terrorism. They can travel to the zones which are under attack by the terrorist and fight them.


Armoured Truck: A Part of Military Arsenal

However, Armoured vehicles like Armoured truck continued to be a part of the modern military arsenal. During the Second World War it was seen that the Armoured car like M8 Greyhound was used for fighting with the opponents. It was equipped with a 37mm gun. However, the trucks were very heavy weight. Now, technological advancements have made it possible to come with light-weight trucks which can provide all around protection. In fact, the trucks are designed in such a way that it can provide protection to the driver, military officials, and the goods that is being transported in it.

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How It Is Helping Military Officials In Countering Terrorism?

A new way to countering terrorism is by investing in an Armoured vehicle. The vehicle can be deployed to counter possible terror attacks.

Tackling Rioters or Terrorist

The Armoured truck can be driven towards terrorists at a speed high enough in order to successfully disperse them. Moreover, the unnoticeable gun ports can help the SWAT team or the military officials to secretly gun down the suspects or terrorist during an ambush. They can also be used as a base for hostage rescue.
Tackle Any Kind of Threats

The body of Armoured truck is made of stainless and galvanized steel. The steel is hardened to make it ballistic resistant. It can withstand high heat and even fire. The trucks have bulletproof glass and ballast resistant floors. This allows them to withstand bullets from rifles or guns or from bomb explosions within a close range. They have bars and bumpers in the front in order to remove any sort of obstacles or barricades. Most importantly, it can carry military officials safely in a protected manner. No one can make a force entry into the cars.


Well, Armoured vehicles like Armoured trucks can remain at the forefront of any military operation. The vehicle can be used to arrive at a suitable solution.  Check out some of the coolest armored vehicles you can buy around!